Terms of Use

PT Mobil Laku Indonesia “Developer” is thankful for trusting us selling your car at belimobilgue.co.id. Before you provide us the car information, we would like you to know and agree with below terms and conditions:   **Terms and Conditions**   I “User” hereby agree to grant the Developer and or other related party the permission to use my data such as name, contact, email, etc “Personal Data” with below conditions:   Personal Data will be used by the Developer to connect the User with the verified dealers through communication channels like email, SMS, and or telephone.   Developer may use the Third Party service to manage the Personal Data. The appointed Third Party is required to follow the prevailing law stipulated in the contract with the Developer whereas the usage of Personal Data completely belongs to the Developer, it will remain undisclosed, and will not be used for any interest.   The User reserves the rights as described below:  1. Remove the permission of Personal Data Usage  2. Request to change and or update the Personal Data  3. Asking for stuffs related with usage of the Personal Data through info@belimobilgue.co.id   The Developer must keep the safety of the Personal Data. The Developer guarantees the User that Personal Data will be deleted permanently when it is no longer needed by the Developer.   The Developer must obey the prevailing laws and regulations in guarding the Personal Data. The Developer may provide the Personal Data to local authorities if required.

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