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Selling your car can be time consuming, unsafe and often involves a lot of hassle. You create an ad and patiently wait for potential buyers to contact you or you drive across the city to visit dealerships yourself. And if you finally find a potential buyer, what follows are endless price negotiations and unsafe payment transactions, without knowing if the price they offered you is matching the market value of your car.

BeliMobilGue.co.id is an online marketplace that helps consumers to sell their car to a network of 1000+ qualified buyers throughout Indonesia within just 1 hour and 100% free of charge.

We provides consumers with a safe and hassle-free car inspection and transaction process, allowing consumers to maximize their car’s selling price. Selling your car has never been this simple and easy.

We currently operate more than 30 inspection locations across Greater Jakarta. Find out which location is closest to you and let us help you sell your car in a fast, safe and convenient way!

A new standard in used cars sales

Our experienced and professional team of inspectors, sales consultants and call center agents are looking forward to supporting you in selling your car fast, safe and easy.

What are the benefits of selling your car with BeliMobilGue.co.id?

  • The complete process is 100% free of charge

  • Receive a final offer in just 1 hour

  • Sell your car without any hassle

  • Safe, reliable and transparent process

  • We will offer your car to our 1000+ qualified partners, helping to maximize your selling price

  • Have your car inspected closest to you at one of our 30+ locations

Our Services

Inspection services

Need to know the technical status of your car? We offer a thorough assessment of the vehicle; we will thoroughly inspect all types of vehicles, including large car fleets, and provide detailed reports on the condition of the vehicle. Send an email to contact@belimobilgue.co.id to schedule an appointment.


Are you looking to get a fair valuation for your vehicle or fleet of vehicles? We offer this service to anyone interested. Book an inspection today and know the true value of your car. Send an email to contact@belimobilgue.co.id to schedule an appointment.

Pre-purchase inspection

Need to determine the value of a car you want to buy? Contact us to schedule an appointment and we can provide you with an inspection report and final valuation of the car you are interested in purchasing. Send an email to contact@belimobilgue.co.id to schedule an appointment.

Fleet Liquidation

Do you need to liquidate a fleet of vehicles? We can purchase any amount of vehicles. To request this service, send an email to contact@belimobilgue.co.id

Our Team

Our professional team of inspectors, contact center agents and guest relations managers are happy to support you through the process of selling your car. We are looking forward to welcoming you at one of our locations!